KTLA Awards


KTLA takes pride in recognizing those who have made positive impacts in their communities, the legal profession, KTLA and the lives of their clients. KTLA recognizes both members and non-members who have made significant contributions to the cause of justice. In brief, KTLA's Award system includes the following honors, which are awarded only as qualified candidates are presented for recognition; click the link on each award to view past recipients of individual awards).

  • The Arthur C. Hodgson Award — The Arthur C. Hodgson Award recognizes consistent, exemplary and sustained participation in leadership for the association and/or the Foundation. Awarded to KTLA members with 10 years or more of sustained leadership activity in the association and/or the Legacy of Justice Foundation. The Hodgson Award is KTLA's highest honor.
  • The Thomas E. Sullivan Award — The Thomas E. Sullivan Award recognizes significant promise and commitment as a developing leader for the Association and/or Foundation. It is awarded to KTLA members in practice 10 years or less and it is KTLA's second-highest award presented to a member.
  • The Distinguished Service Award — The Distinguished Service Award recognizes deeds and service which significantly advance justice, the goals of the legal profession or the mission of the association. Presented to members and non-members; attorneys and non-attorneys. It is KTLA's highest award presented to a non-member.
  • The Humanitarian Award The Humanitarian Award recognizes a KTLA member or firm's selfless devotion or commitment of time, energies and/or resources to the service or welfare of the community. 
  • The Consumer Champion Award The Consumer Champion Award recognizes noteworthy contributions to the preservation, enhancement or advancement of the legal rights or interest of Kansans with ramifications beyond an individual case. Awarded to members and non-members; attorneys and non-attorneys.
  • The Lynn R. Johnson JUSTICE Award — Ongoing criteria for this prestigious award have not yet been finalized. For now, nominations for the Johnson JUSTICE Award can be made only at the discretion of KTLA's Executive Committee.

Nominees for KTLA Awards


The Kansas Trial Lawyers Association requests nominations of worthy individuals to be considered for prestigious KTLA Awards. Awards are presented annually, although not all awards are presented each year. KTLA seeks:

  • To celebrate the efforts and achievements of our members, colleagues and community partners which advance the values that KTLA champions.
  • Through such recognition, to help our members, colleagues and community partners understand that their efforts and achievements are highly valued.
  • Through publicizing such efforts and their recognition, to help our various audiences and the public at large understand the values which our organization champions, so that they might better understand our mission, our profession and our members.
To make a nomination, complete the Awards Nomination Form and send it along with your Letter of Nomination describing the effort or achievements to be recognized. The Awards Committee, comprised of KTLA Members, makes the final selection and recommendation of an Award to the KTLA Board of Governors.


KTLA Awards Criteria and Nomination Form


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