The Humanitarian Award


The Humanitarian Award recognizes selfless devotion or commitment of time, energies and/or resources to the service or welfare of the community. 
Past Recipients
Daniel B. Giroux
Carston Johannsen
The Law Firm of Bartimus, Frickleton, Robertson & Gorny, P.C.
Pedro Irigonegaray
Gerald Michaud (posthumously)
John Shamberg
Danton Hejtmanek


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COVID-19: Impacts on Kansas Trial Lawyers

Updates on Kansas Courts

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Trust Juries

Ktla's statement on hilburn v enerpipe, june 14, 2019

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Work Comp Nominating Committee Must Comply With KOMA

KTLA's Letter to shawnee county dA Chad 

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Protecting Fair Courts from Political Criticism and Budget Cuts
By F. James Robinson, Jr.
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