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The Kansas Trial Lawyers Association protects the rights of families, workers and consumers by assisting the appellate courts in understanding those rights. When issues of importance to the citizens of Kansas are before the appellate courts for consideration, KTLA submits written legal arguments to the members of the court, known as an amicus curiae brief, in an effort to protect your rights to access the courts, to equal justice, to obtain a fair and just trial by jury, and to full recovery or redress for injury caused by others.

KTLA wants to help you when an important issue involving these rights is before the Kansas appellate courts. Requests for consideration of amicus curiae briefs by the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association may be made by any person or entity. The requesting party need not be an attorney. If you would like the KTLA Amicus Curiae Committee to consider a request for an amicus brief, please email KTLA at to complete an amicus curiae brief request.

Once your request is received, the KTLA Amicus Curiae Committee will convene to consider your request within 30 days and will promptly notify you of its decision. Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address with your request.

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