Trial Run: Opening Statements



Join members online for the inaugural Trial Run Series program on August 13 and August 27! Registration is limited, so sign up now.

This first of its kind program allows members to gain practical skills and brainstorm through quick, productive workshops. The Trial Run Series aims to improve the practice of trial law one case at a time by guiding participants through exercises targeting different skills. The Trial Run: Opening Statements will include two parts: a CLE presentation outlining details of opening statements, followed at a later date by a workshop in which participants will discuss and work through a current or past case as it relates to opening statements. 

Attorneys of all experience levels will be benefit from participation, either through practicing new skills or solving case problems for the first time, or by brushing up on rusty skills and providing insights to others. 

Since this is the "trial run" of the Trial Run Series, registration for Opening Statements will be free for registrants (up to 16). Registrants will agree to participate in both the presentation and workshop portions of the program and will be asked to provide thorough feedback about the experience to help with the planning for future Trial Run programs. 

Schedules will be announced closer to the date, but participants should block out the following dates (times subject to minor changes):
August 13, Noon - 1 p.m. | Trial Run Presentation: Opening Statements
August 27, 10 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. | Trial Run Workshops: Opening Statements

Don't miss this opportunity to attend a complimentary, innovative program to set the course for the Trial Run Series and workshop your opening statements!


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