Grant Application Materials

Materials for Grant Applications

2013 Grant Cycle

The following materials must be received by the Legacy of Justice Foundation no later than close of business on Wednesday, May 15, 2013, for your application to be considered for funding during our 2013 grant cycle.

  • Materials may be sent or delivered to:  Charlotte Krebs, Executive Director, Legacy of Justice Foundation, 719 SW Van Buren, Suite 222, Topeka, KS 66603
  • Via email, materials may be sent to  PDF submissions are preferred to ensure that your material arrives intact.

1. Cover Letter on your organization’s letterhead, briefly describing the purpose of the grant request, how funds will be used, and how the effort will advance the missions of both your organization and the Legacy of Justice Foundation.


2. Application Materials to include the following information in this order (attachments with references to the subsequent page numbers on which they appear are acceptable):


a. Name and Contact Information for the individual who will be responsible for administering the grant funds.


b. Organizational Information including:

  • Brief description of purpose and history
  • Mission statement
  • Geographic area and description of population/communities served
  • Documentation of tax-exempt status
  • Number of employees; staff structure and titles
  • Description of governing body:  size, composition, frequency of meetings, names of current officers and members of the governing body with home towns
  • Services or programming regularly provided by the organization

c. Funding/Grant Request Information including:

  • Description of the project which the grant would support
  • Purpose of the project and how success will be measured
  • Statement on how the project will help support and/or complement the mission of the Legacy of Justice Foundation
  • Staff and program elements involved in the project
  • Proposed timeframe for completing the project
  • Total budget for the project
  • Grant funds requested and how these funds will enhance the project
  • If the Legacy of Justice is not able to fund the complete amount requested, would a grant in a lesser amount be helpful?  Parameters?

d. Financial Information including:

  • Organizational budget for current fiscal year; including income, expense and dates of fiscal year
  • Most recent year-end financial statement

If you have questions as you approach the application process, feel free to contact Charlotte Krebs, executive director, at 785 232-7756 or via email at  Thank you for your interest!


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