KTLA is a recognized nonpartisan advocacy resource on civil justice and workers compensation issues. KTLA testifies on bills affecting KTLA members’ clients and practices and seeks to educate legislators about eh importance of a strong and balanced system of law.

KTLA supports access to courts, a level playing field, and preservation of the right to trial by jury. KTLA keeps members informed of legislation that will affect their clients and their practices.


Legislative Advocacy

As KTLA members, your influence is greater than you may suspect. Consider your personal connections in the following groups:

  • Community Organizations: Rotary, Kiwanis, schools, churches, and other groups with regular meetings often need guest speakers for their events. Volunteer for one if you're involved in any of these types of organizations.
  • Legislators: Connecting with your legislators via one-on-one meetings, phone calls, emails, "Eggs & Issues" or a coffee event, and social media are all great tools to help you convey the justice message to your legislators.
  • Family, Friends and Colleagues: Professional associations, networking circles and more are all good places to collaborate with friends and colleagues about the issues facing civil justice system today.

Communicating With Your Legislators

More information on Legislative Advocacy and communicating with your legislators can be found here.

Justice Talking Points

Do you have an event coming up where you will be able to visit with the individuals in your spheres of influence on the civil justice system? Refer to these KTLA prepared talking points to help you broaden your reach.

KTLA Public Policy Agenda

Talking Points for Trial Lawyers


News & Events

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Updates on Kansas Courts

KTLA in the News

Media appearances

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Trust Juries

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