2019-20 Executive Committee and Organizational Leaders


President: David Morantz, Kansas City
President-Elect: Richard James, Wichita
Treasurer & Eagles Chair: Richard James, Wichita
Immediate Past President: Tom Warner, Wichita

LoJ Foundation Board Chair: Ryan Prochaska, Wichita

Education Committee Chair:  Russ Hazlewood, Wichita
Legislative Committee Chair: Dustin DeVaughn, Wichita
Membership Committee Chair:  Tina Huntington, Wichita
Public Affairs Committee Chair:  Terry Campbell, Lawrence

Liaison to Law Schools and Law Students: Dale Bennett


Standing Committees Chairs 

Board of Editors Chair:  Jim Howell, Wichita

Amicus Curiae Committee Chair: Will Wohlford, Wichita


​AAJ Representatives
AAJ Governors:  Dan Lykins, Topeka; Brad Prochaska, Wichita
AAJ Delegate: Lee Cross, Westwood
​AAJ Revitalization Governor: Ryan Prochaska, Wichita
​AAJ Minority Caucus: Monique Centeno, Wichita


KTLA Liaisons to Other Organizations
KBA IOLTA Committee:  Jeff Carmichael, Wichita
KS Bar Foundation Board of Trustees:  Jeff Carmichael, Wichita
KS Legal Services Board of Directors:  Ed Robinson, Wichita 

Other Appointments
Nominating Committee: Chair, Tom Warner, Wichita
Awards Committee: Chair: David Morantz, Kansas City



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