2020 KTLA Gets Out the Vote! Campaign


Here are all the materials you need for your firm to promote voter registration and participation in the 2020 General Election. Depending on your resources, you may choose to send a letter or email to your clients; post content to your firm's social media accounts, or include information about voting on your firm website. Use any or all of the templates below to encourage voter registration, requests for advance ballots, and election day voting. Please note: some content is deadline-sensitive; plan accordingly.


Click on the following links:

Letter for clients and other contacts, before October 1
Email/social media - through October 13

Email/social media - early voting, October 1-14
Email/social media - early voting, October 14 - November 2
Email/social media - November 2
Email/social media - November 3
Get Out the Vote website banner and copy
Other Get Out the Vote actions to consider

Images to use with emails/social media (right click and save as image)



Tom Wagstaff, Jr., KTLA Public Policy Chair: tom@thewagstafflawfirm.com, 816-708-0670
Tina Huntington, KTLA Public Policy Vice Chair: tina@whtriallaw.com316-265-6000
Mike Swenson, Strategic Communications: mike@mikeswenson.co, 816-679-8502
Callie J. Denton, KTLA Executive Director: cdenton@ktla.org785-230-5272

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