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June 14, 2019


Kansas Trial Lawyers Association Statement Regarding Kansas Supreme Court Ruling in Hilburn v Enerpipe Ltd.

Topeka, Kan. — The Kansas Trial Lawyers Association (KTLA) today issued the following statement in response to the decision of the Kansas Supreme Court in Hilburn v Enerpipe Ltd.:

The Kansas Trial Lawyers Association believes that citizen juries render true justice. Today’s decision by the Kansas Supreme Court affirms and protects Kansans’ inviolate right to trial by jury.

Juries—not the legislature—are in the best position to resolve disputes fairly because they are the conscience of the local community. Ordinary Kansans from all walks of life who have no personal interest in the outcome of a case are more than qualified to sit on a jury, hear the evidence, and assess fair and reasonable damages. 

All Kansans deserve access to justice that only a citizen jury can render. Studies have consistently shown that juries are competent, fair, and effective decision makers. Only a human being—a juror—can adequately assess the impact of life changing injury and calculate the totality of losses such as disability, disfigurement, blindness, quadriplegia, or sterility.

KTLA praises the plaintiff in the case, Diana K. Hilburn, for her courage in appealing her case. Today’s decision is a victory for Mrs. Hilburn and for any Kansan suffering intangible and permanent injury.


Click here for the Hilburn v. Enerpipe Ltd. decision.




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