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General resources

Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization


Kansas government/official guidance

Judicial branch orders 

Link to all orders and info from the Supreme Court

Order Issued September 25, 2020

2020-RL-103: Order Rescinding Temporary Ban on In-person Gatherings for Continuing Legal Education (CLE)


Order Issued September 15, 2020
2020-PR-101: Order Continuing Administrative Orders Suspending Statutes of Limitation, Statutory Time Standards, Deadlines, and Time Limitations Under State Finance Council's Extension of the State of Disaster Emergency related to COVID-19


Order Issued September 2, 2020
2020-PR-099: District and Appellate Court Operations as of September 4, 2020

Orders Issued August 4, 2020​​
2020-PR-093: District and Appellate Court Operations
2020-PR-094: Amended Order Requiring Masks in District and Appellate Courts

Order issued July 2, 2020
Administrative Order 2020-PR-090 Order Requiring Masks in Appellate and District Courts

Orders issued June 16, 2020
Administrative Order 2020-PR-076 Order Related to Appellate and District Courts Operations as of June 16, 2020
Administrative Order 2020-PR-075 Extends orders the chief justice entered since March under 2020 House Substitute for Senate Bill 102


​Orders issued May 27, 2020
Administrative Order 2020-PR-054 applies to Kansas district and appellate courts. It requires courts to comply with orders of the chief justice and the governor; COVID-19 safety directives from the Office of Judicial Administration; and public health guidance from state and local health officials and OSHA.
Administrative Order 2020-PR-055 renews the suspension of certain deadlines and time standards, including applicable statutory speedy trial provisions, for any municipal court closed or continuing trials because of COVID-19. 
Administrative Order 2020-PR-056 authorizes courts to conduct hearings by two-way telephone conference or videoconference communication. 
Administrative Order 2020-PR-057 suspends all statutory deadlines and time limitations to bring a defendant to trial. 
Administrative Order 2020-PR-058 suspends statutes of limitations, statutory time standards, or deadlines that apply to conducting or processing judicial proceedings.

Orders issued May 1, 2020
Administrative Order 2020-PR-049 and Administrative Order 2020-PR-048 - Chief Justice's orders relating to district court operations 
Administrative Order 2020-PR-047 and Administrative Order 2020-PR-046 - Chief Justice's orders suspending deadlines
Administrative Order 2020-PR-045 - Chief Justice's order authorizing the use of two-way audio-visual communication
Administrative Order 2020-PR-044 - Chief Justice's order reissuing Administrative Order 2020-PR-036 

The following orders predate those issued May 1, 2020

Administrative Order 2020-PR-016 - Chief Justice's order to cease all but emergency operations, and
Administrative Order 2020-PR-032 - Chief Justice's order amending Administrative Order 2020-PR-016
Administrative Order 2020-PR-015 - Kansas Court of Appeals cancellation of oral arguments in March and April
Administrative Order 2020-PR-013 - Judicial Branch Policy on Pandemic Disease


Orders of the Supreme Court relating to Continuing Legal Education and Attorney Registration

Administrative Order 2020-RL-033Extending the reporting deadline for July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020 to September 30, 2020 and waives the limit on prerecorded programs

Administrative Order 2020-RL-035 - Modifying the deadline for annual attorney registration and late fees


District Court Orders

7th Judicial District Guidance - Letter to Council from Chief Judge James McCabria, May 29, 2020

Note: the following district orders predate AO 2020-PR-048, which supersedes district court orders that are in conflict.

Summary and Application of AO 2020-PR-032 Judge Eric A. Commer, 18th Judicial District, Sedgwick County, April 8, 2020
18th Judicial District Guidance - Sedgwick County Response to Administrative Order 2020-PR-016 and Recission of Executive Order 20-06 Issued March 17

10th Judicial District Guidance - Johnson County Remains Open, Remote Appearances for All Hearings

7th Judicial District Guidance - Douglas County Administrative Order 20-17 remains in effect, Judge James McCabria, May 4, 2020

7th Judicial District Guidance - Douglas County Administrative Order 20-20 regarding probate, emergency operations and "expeditious handling", issued March 31


Executive Branch

Office of the Governor - Executive Orders

EO 20-20 Temporarily allowing notices and witnesses to act via audio-visual technology

Office of the Kansas Secretary of State - updates on temporary requirements for notaries will be posted to the SOS website

Division of Workers Compensation - DOL COVID-19 Resources. Specific work comp practitioner updates are posted on OSCAR. 

Kansas Insurance Department  - KID FAQ, including p.2 regarding whether insurance agencies or companies are considered "essential businesses"; and Bulletin 2020-1 and suspension of Kansas laws on competition, unfair or deceptive acts or practices and correlating regulations

Office of Administrative Hearings - information about operations


Legislative Branch

House Substitute for SB 102 relating to extension or suspension of deadlines or time limitations, signed by the governor and effective upon publication in the Kansas Register (March 19,2020)

Kansas Legislature website


Other states/districts

Public Justice resource page - orders, opinions and sample briefs from other states and districts regarding remote depositions


Practice & business resources


Attorney Registration Portal (new in 2020) - Kansas Supreme Court Attorney Registration Page

Workers Compensation

Kansas Hero Relief Program
WILG - Workers Injury Law Group COVID19 Resource Page



Note: the Supreme Court has issued orders extending the compliance deadline for 2019-20 to September 30, 2020. (See above to review the order under Judicial Branch Orders.) For attorneys seeking remote CLE opportunities, click here for a listing of plaintiff attorney-focused webinars currently scheduled. For any requests for additional online learning opportunities, or to offer to provide webinar presentations, please contact


KALAP Resources

The Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program has posted a COVID-19 resource and information page. In addition to links to Kansas Supreme Court Orders, KALAP provides links to guidance on practicing law during the COVID-19 emergency, online AA/NA meetings, and lawyer well-being.


SBA Emergency Funding Programs offered by the SBA Loan Group. Link to submit information and learn more.




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